Pac-Man™ Waka-Waka

On Another Level

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After eating his way through mazes and ghosts for more than 40 years, PAC-MAN™ deserves to spend some time to kick back, sip a cocktail and relax at the pool, don’t you think?

This two-piece beach set consists out of a refreshing blue backdrop and official artwork from the classic arcade game series, which helps in maximizing relaxation efforts. Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde… run in fear, because the PAC-MAN™ Waka Waka Summer Set is here!

Weitere Informationen
Ärmel Kurze Ärmel
Farbe Blau
Lieferumfang T-Shirt, Shorts
Passform moderne Passform
Kurze Hose Elastischer Bund mit Kordelzug, 2 Seitentaschen, Rückentasch
Stoff & Pflege 100% Polyester Pfirsichgewebe (Samt)
Größe des Modells Unser Model ist 183 cm groß und trägt Größe M

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