People can't resist looking twice when you walk by in one of the OppoSuits Mardi Gras outfits. Let's face it: everyone expects the Mardi Gras outfits you wore last year. No one expects you in a Pac-Man, jaguar, or tulip print! Surprise friends and family with one of the items from the OppoSuits Mardi Gras outfits.


Mardi Gras is all about wearing colors and partying. Most people dress up in colorful Mardi Gras outfits in the colors purple, green and gold. To match the color gold, you can choose de Shiny Snake suit. Choose this suit to steal the show and shine like you have never shined before. Are you fascinated by the milky way, or do you want to shine as bright as the stars? Then you can wear the Galaxy Guy suit, to match the purple color of this festive day. To match the color green there are a lot of different suits you can choose from. Choose the Jungle Juicy suit when you want to immerse yourself into the wild (night) life. If you want to look more casual, you can also choose different Mardi Gras outfits. For example, the Evergreen suit. This suit is more casual, but you will still look fabulous because of the bright green color!


Besides the specific Mardi Gras outfits colors, you can also choose other and more colors. At OppoSuits we have a lot of different colorful suits for you to wear. Choose the Rainbow Glaze suit with all the colors from the rainbow. This suit is perfect for Mardi Gras. You will feel as magical as how you feel when you see a rainbow. Go for the Confetteroni suit if you want to party. Because when there’s confetti, there’s a party! When you wear this, you become a real party animal who wants to celebrate Mardi Gras like it’s the last Mardi Gras ever. Wear the Fancy Fireworks suit for a fancy but amazing outfit! When there are fireworks, you know that it is a special occasion. Dress up to dazzle with these eye-catching Mardi Gras outfits!


On our website you can find a size chart for the Mardi Gras outfits, here you can see exactly which size suits you best. If you are in doubt between two sizes and are not sure which is the best choice for you, we advise you to choose the largest size! You will also find an easy comparison tool on the OppoSuits website. Do you still find it difficult to make a choice? Then save the different Mardi Gras outfits at the 'Add to compare' and you can see all your saved items side by side with all specifications. This makes making your final choice even easier.